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Prezzi Benzina APK by Prezzi Benzina. With Gasoline prices immediately find the cheapest petrol station near you!

Choose your fuel (petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG, diesel or special Spezialbenzin) and based on your location or the address sought immediately identify the distributors closest and cheapest in your area, which is part of most companies known (as Eni / Agip, Aquila, Al Savings, Auchan, Benza, Beyfin, Carrefour, Conad, Constantine, Enercoop, Ego, Energas, Energyca, ENI, Esso, Europam, Flame 2000 H6, IES, IP / Bees, IP Matic, They, Noaloil, Petrol Range, Q8, Q8easy, Repsol, RetItalia, San Marco Petroli, both Fuel, Shell, Seven Petroli, Tamoil, TotalErg, TE 24/24 and Vega) or are independent distributors (“White Pumps” or “No Logo”). And once you’ve chosen the distributor you can let us bring from your favorite navigation software!

Look at the prices of each service station and update them yourself.

Gasoline prices wants to make fuel prices more transparent. The quality of the service improves with the cooperation of each individual user, then more users collaborate, the more prices will be precise and the savings available to all.

Gasoline prices is a project that is a collaboration between Consumers Association, Adusbef, Adiconsum and

Some notes:
– Vows to distributors are not updated immediately, but after a few minutes
– Price updates sent are processed every 5 minutes
– The distances are calculated through the air, thus they represent an underestimate of the actual distance to go
– For any information or error message, contact us, we will be more than happy to answer

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