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PopCam Photo APK by Sony Digital Entertainment Services Inc.. With stylish stickers and effects, you can make a nice photo easily!

■ PopCam stickers will make your photos really cool, very quick and easy!

46 top-class creators offer over 2,500pop stickers, such as stylized letters and figures written in felt-tip pen. With stylish stickers, you can instantly upgrade ordinary photos to excellent ones. And then your edited photos can be shared via Twitter.

■ Introduction of creators

– Ly: an artist who draws monsters only using black and white color. She showed her monochromatic wall paint artwork in Shibuya PARCO, Beams, Laforet Harajuku and Utrecht. She actively works as an artist worldwide.
– Simon Oxley: He was born in England. He is famous for an early design of a twitter bird. He does a lot of company logos and designs illustration. His works are shown in England, Australia and U.S.A.
– D[di:]: an artist and an illustrator. Published “fantastic silent” endorsed by a movie director Hayao Miyazaki. She works in various fields, such as illustration, fashion, and design. She is supported by many renowned artists.
– matsu-you*: She is a very popular artist who has 190,000 followers in twitter. She sends her original news of “kawaii” culture. She was chosen as one of the Japan’s hottest celebrity bloggers by American Wired News.

A total of 43 artists are in now creating pop stickers, and more new stickers will be added soon.

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